Over a hundred volunteers have donated their services to provide for the needs of the pilgrims, allowing them to make the march without worries of any kind. Most pilgrims don’t realize how many people work for their good behind the scenes. If you would like to join this group of service-providers, please let us know because the future of the pilgrimage depends greatly on the workers we have.
1. Kitchen/Delivery Service.
The kitchen staff works day and night to prepare and deliver tasty meals for the pilgrims.
2. Transportation Service.
This group of workers takes care of the logistical aspects of the pilgrimage. They make sure the routes are passable, oversee the transportation of people, meals, water, luggage, and trash removal.
3. Traffic-Control Service.
The safety of the pilgrims depends on this group of volunteers. They control traffic and maintain order along the route and at the various rest stops.
4. Sanitation Service.
It would be very easy if everyone on the pilgrimage cleaned up after themselves by putting their trash in the proper receptacles, but this unfortunately is not always the case. It is the job of this group of volunteers to clean up all rest sites, bag the trash, and remove it.
5. Liturgical Service.
The pilgrimage involves more than marching from one site to another. First and foremost it is a retreat on the move – a time of Holy Masses and devotions in the open air. The volunteers in this group prepare all sites for the proper celebration of the liturgy.
6. Medical Service.
The members of this team take care of the medical and emergency needs of the pilgrims. Service is also provided for those, whose lack of physical conditioning, might make the march difficult. Those with blisters and sore feet will receive the treatment necessary to allow them to continue the next day.
7. Technical Service.
The technicians maintain all of the sound equipment which is used along the way. They also prepare medical stations at the various rest sites, altars for Masses, and many other things which are necessary for the proper functioning of the pilgrimage.
8. Setup Service.
This service begins its work months before the pilgrimage takes place. It is responsible for securing the necessary documents, permits, and permission letters for stopping at the various sites along the way of the march.
9. Information service.
The members of this team serve as information/publicity agents in connection with newspaper coverage of the event and provide information to the public. They are also responsible for adding current information concerning the pilgrimage to our website.