Since 2008 the walking pilgrimage from Great Meadows to Doylestown will have five groups. To the three existing groups of the past will be added two more: those who work for the pilgrimage and those who support the pilgrimage with their prayers but cannot attend physically.
1st Group - (Polish Speaking) led by Salvatorians from Great Meadows.
Ss. Peter & Paul Church tel. (908) 637-4269  
360 US Hwy 46 Email:
Great Meadows, NJ 07838  
Group Leader: Rev. Grzegorz Podsiadlo, SDS
2nd Group - (Polish Speaking) led by Paulines from Doylestown.
Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine tel. (215) 345-0600  
654 Ferry Road Email:  
PO Box 2049  
Doylestown, PA 18901
Group Leader: O. Taduesz Lizinczyk OSPPE
3rd Group - (English Speaking) led by Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.
Most Blessed Sacrament Friary tel. (973) 622-6622  
375 - 13th Avenue  
Newark, NJ 07103  
St. Michael Friary tel. (973) 345-7082  
190 Butler St.    
Paterson, NJ 07524    
Group Leader: Rev. Mariusz Koch CFR
4th Group - those who work for the pilgrimage.
In addition to those who march on the pilgrimage from Great Meadows to Doylestown, there are also those who serve with their various talents. The members of this group take care of the pilgrimage and provide for the needs of the pilgrims, often spending more time and effort than the pilgrims do themselves. Among these are those who set up the rest sites, clean up afterward, direct traffic, provide shuttle service, transport equipment and luggage and work in the kitchen day and night to provide food for the groups.
5th Group – spiritual support.
Those who, for whatever reason, cannot participate in the pilgrimage physically have the opportunity to join it spiritually. To become a member of this group, they should join in spirit with the pilgrims on their march. This becomes possible by attending daily Holy Mass, receiving Holy Communion, and offering prayers for the intention of the pilgrimage. The members of this group reap the spiritual rewards of the prayers and daily Holy Masses which are offered on the way.